Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Brain Can't Repel Awesome of that Magnitude!

The University of Mississippi has been mascot free since they retired this guy in 2006:

So, Ole Miss is looking for a new mascot! And on the short end of the stick that is pretty cool. I mean, how often do college students really get the chance to have a say as to how their university gets celebrated? I was saddled with a Bronco. Not because I particularly love Broncos or their equine brethren. But merely because I paid Western Michigan University a lot of money. But the awesome of this story is yet to come!

The University is having a vote about who the new Rebel Mascot will be. And currently this guy is in the lead!

That's right! The one, the only Admiral Ackbar is in the lead to become the next mascot for Ole Miss! How awesome is that! Please let our Mon Calamari compatriot win the vote. Please let George Lucas not be a dick about it and not charge the University tons of fees! I have never before wanted to watch football so badly in my life! We'll have to see how this turn out!

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