Friday, October 9, 2009

Cutest Thing Ever

So this product at Think Geek is the coolest sleeping bag of all time. Hopefully Han can get the shelter built while you and your friends are violently having disturbing dreams about Ben Kenobi and the Dagobah System. I mean, it's only a matter of time before the probe droid reports its findings and the Dark Lord of the Sith comes with the full force if the Imperial Armada to stomp out the Rebel Alliance. I think my favorite part is the little lightsaber that opens your tauntaun up for those cold Hoth nights!

As Think Geek states, "This high-quality sleeping bag looks just like a Tauntaun, complete with saddle, internal intestines and plush lightsaber zipper pull. Now when your kids tell you their favorite Star Wars movie is "Attack of the Clones" you can nestle the wee-ones snug in simulated Tauntaun fur while regaling them with the amazing tale of "Empire Strikes Back". "

Check it out (along with all the other cool products at Think Geek!)

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