Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lego Minifig Sets!

Greetings Lego fans! It appears as though lego minifig blind box sets are on their way. And that is representative of all things awesome. I mean look at the Lego minifigs available. A Lego robot?! Awesome. A Lego caveman? Pretty cool. A Lego emo kid? Look, I can just put them standing around being unimpressed by things. Lego cheerleaders, and Mexican wrestlers and ninjas oh my! I'm really quite excited by this idea. I know I'm sort of stealing this quote from the guy over at Topless Robot but I'd put up with a pile of Lego clowns for just one Lego zombie.

Happy Lego News Day!

Oh and it's also my birthday too. So uh, yay!

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