Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where's Jeremy Now?

Greetings Jeremy fans! I've recently traveled back through my Waldo picture books, where many Waldos had been before, and I came across memories of many hours spent gleefully searching for Waldo, Wilma or Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw and all of the things that these characters drop along the way. I can remember religiously carrying these books to grade school everyday and eventually having to repair the bindings with scotch tape. Finally I can remember the day in fourth grade when my teacher outlawed Waldo books from sustained silent reading because very little reading took place when looking at these complicated pictures. (I also felt this was quite unfair because even at that time I was an avid reader having read the entire Lord of the Rings saga earlier that year. It seemed stupid that I was forced to read during that time when I already was doing so much of it anyway. But Mrs. Nichols and I didn't get along very well in other ways as well.) Regardless, it is nice to take them down from the shelf and peruse them like an old well loved yearbook.

I was originally reminded of Waldo (or Wally as he is called in England) because of a great list that appeared on Topless Robot. It was written by ADrian Beiting and it is one of my favorite lists of all time though he marked it as the weirdest list yet. The title of the post is "9 Strange Things Found While Searching for Waldo." The weird part is that most of the time when I was looking for Waldo, I focused on finding strange things. So this list is right up my alley.

PS: Two years ago my friend Mendon dressed as Waldo for Halloween and came to my party in that costume. This is something I have always dreamed of doing so kudos to Mendon for following through on my dream. It turned every picture taken into a Great Waldo Search picture. One day Mendon, one day . . .

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