Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And Somehow I was Beaten to the Punch!

So, have you ever seen one of your plans realized by someone much cuter than you are? I think I just did. Part of you feels destroyed because that was something you were going to do and it is done far better than you imagine you could even do it in the first place. Part of you feels relieved because honestly seeing it done here is going to save a lot of hassle. And part of you is kind of proud because it really is a fantastic idea, no matter who puts it together. Man I'm de-lieve-proud!

It sort of reminds me of seventh grade when I finally screwed up enough courage to ask the girl that I was totally in love with to dance in our middle school gymnasium. And Gresh, the popular, funny, good-looking, junior youth Robert Redford of our school, asked to cut in. What was I supposed to say? No? Was I supposed to tell him I was in love with the girl and yes I minded very much that he cut in? No, instead it seems as though I was supposed to write about it on my blog nearly two decades later.

So, no hard feelings Gresh! I hope that time has not ravaged your rugged good-looks and you are still popular and funny and good-looking and Robert Redford-like. Veronica, we will always have the first half of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" in a sweaty gym so . . . uhm, enjoy that memory? And I now have . . . a blog.

Anyway, in a similar manner here is a video of something I had planned on doing one day. It may not be my seventh grade crush, but what on earth did I know then? I certainly never thought that I would one day have nearly two minutes of Lego Star Wars stop motion to drool over. And perhaps one day I'll still complete the trilogy in Lego myself.

Until then, enjoy this:

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