Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finest MST3K Episode of all Time!

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is an awesome show. It premiered on the CW channel affiliate KTMA serving Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN in 1988. The show's original host was Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson. In 1993 the head writer Micheal J Nelson took over. It was pretty much a set up for Joel (then Mike) and his robot pals (Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo) to do what we all do when an awful movie is on. We make fun of the movie. It is hard to believe the show is now twenty-two years old. Currently Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson are are working on MST3K-like projects entitled Cinematc Titanic and RiffTrax respectively.

This episode is my favorite episode of all time. Follow the next show piece in the suggested videos. I'll leave you with a call out to Big McLarge-Huge! Have fun!

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