Friday, January 7, 2011

Also Gimli Handles the One Ring Like a BOSS!

Well, it appears as though another hurdle to filming and producing the Hobbit has been jumped! Warner Brothers is going to finance the $500 million price tag for the two movies saving it from pre-vis perdition by a bankrupt MGM. Still no word if Andy Serkis and Ian McKellan are on board but at least now Peter Jackson might actually be able to pay them. I hope that the news will mean that the Hobbit will actually start filming soon.

In other actor news though, Elijah Wood along with Orlando Bloom and, Cate Blanchett have joined the cast. This recent mews is unsettling to many fans. To those LotR-o-philes that might argue that none of those characters were in the Hobbit, let me say this: They are correct.

However we need to keep in mind that it doesn't destroy the world to have them appear. For instance, Lady Galadriel (who as an immortal elf was alive) may have been connected in some way to the council of wizards and the banashing of the Necromancer from the south of Mirkwood. Legolas is the son of King Thranduil of Mirkwood. Bilbo spends weeks staying out of sight in the Elven King's stronghold. There is plenty of opportunity for Legolas to appear here. And the red book that appears in the LotR movies is actually noted in Tolkien's mythology of middle earth. We see the red book started by Bilbo, continued by Frodo, passed to Samwise. This book after the movies eventually ends up in the hands of Sam's offspring as they are made the Wardens of the Westmarch. The book is what Tolkien pretended he found traces of when he wrote the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Furthermore, we knew that the hobbit was going to be elaborated on. Otherwise there would not be two movies on the horizon. I urge my geeky brethren to not get upset because Peter Jackson is doing what he said he would. Nerd rage subsiding!

As a final treat here is Gimli destroying the One Ring like a BOSS!

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