Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And Here's Series Five!

Anytime I begin to think that I'll have monies, LEGO announces another group of Collectible Minifigures. Thanks LEGO you big jerks. The clown pairs with the earlier clown, the dwarf with the dwarves from before, and Sherlock Homes is too cool! Not to mention the gangster, the Beefeater, and the anthropologist too! And all we seemingly have to put up with is another snowboarder! Well done!
In related news, Series Four figures have been spotted at Toys backwards R Us stores even though their release date isn't for another couple of weeks. So needless to say, the Bricklink stores are already a-buzz with fervor! The cool part of this collection seems to be the apparent lack of filler figures to round out sixteen new minifigures. Every figure seems awesome. I guess I'd be least happy to end up with a fist full of skater dudes or surfer chicks, but even these figures have some great new pieces or colors. Vikings and geishas fill out existing LEGO castle themes and the hockey player and figure skater are the first examples of minifigure ice skates available. Plus the musketeer, werewolf, and Hasmat guy are all going to be violently sought after figures. This latest set as well as the upcoming series five is pure win!

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