Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Change in Perspective

Every once in a while it helps to imagine the world from a different point of view. To see beyond what we can see with our own eyes, and try to comprehend a different universe. This certainly isn't to say that our perspective is wrong, just limited. Without the innate ability to try to see the world from beyond our own eyes, we never would have drawn maps, split the atom, or believed the world wasn't flat. And sometimes the world becomes greater when we can change our view, even though we still see the same thing.

For instance, what would a hula hoop session look like to the hoop?

Or what would the back of Mt. Rushmore look like?

And although this ability gives us hours of amusement it also allows us to be fully human as well. For it is not until we imagine ourselves as someone else that we can understand humanity very well either. So here's to being human! Enjoy the best joke I've heard all week:

A Jewish man in New York City walked into a restaurant and ordered a bowl of soup at lunch time. After a few minutes the waiter delivered the soup and continued to help the other patrons in his section. After delivering drinks to table 23 and extra napkins to the family at the five-top at 27 he noticed the Jewish man motion him over.
"How is the soup?" the waiter asked.
"I would really like for you to try it," replied the man.
"Is it too hot?" asked the waiter beginning to feel nervous.
"No, no. Please try the soup," said the man.
"I'm really not allowed to do that. Is there something wrong with the order?" asked the waiter beginning to fear that there was a fly or worse in the soup.
The man very patiently replied, "I would really like for you to just try the soup."
The waiter looked around, pulled the bowl to the edge of the table prepared to taste the soup. Suddenly he asked, "Where is the spoon?
The Jewish man smiled and said, "Ah ha!"

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