Monday, September 26, 2011

LEGO Project Two Improved

Many months ago I created LEGO minifigs that modeled all of the members of my dear quartet, Tall Order. Given the limitations of the time I had to paint our soprano Bonnie's hair and opt for an incorrectly parted hairstyle for our alto Debbie. I also didn't originally have any equipment which made sense because our quartet didn't actually have any sound equipment anyway.

Now that has all changed!

We now have (somewhat) correctly parted hair, equipment, and Steve our photographer (who is also a loving husband to Ruth)! So I took pictures of our LEGO avatars (and loaded them on Brickshelf) doing all of the things we do best. 
We perform:

We sing solos and duets:

We balance our sound with our LEGO mixer:

We even have violins for Ruth and Bonnie to play (as they often do at our shows):

Anyway you can see a good portion of the pictures HERE at Brickshelf. And come see us perform if you are in the Chicago area! We're almost as cool live, as our minifig counterparts.

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