Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brickworld Fort Wayne Video from Indiana!

Every year there are really cool LEGO Festivals all over the world. Here John Brune puts together a great video showcasing some of the most exciting things at the festival in Indiana this year.  I particularly like the turned-over hazmat truck at 10:35 in the video. It's a great use of the neon yellow/green colored bricks that my brother and I always thought was Mountain Dew colored.

A couple weeks ago there was also a neat one in the Netherlands called Legoworld. It seems like the European LEGO fans are all master mechanical builders. Some of the vehicles (particularly the real working blimp?) are extraordinary.

One of these days I'll visit one of these festivals myself.  Though, with great videographers like these I almost feel as though I haven't really missed out . . . almost.

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