Friday, December 16, 2011

Hobbit LEGOs! This Is AWESOME!

I'm screwed! I have wanted to see this since the beginning of my love of Lord of the Rings and my love of LEGOs. (Thanks to Brothers Brick for the announcement.) Read the whole article here. Here is the actual LEGO Company release!

Feel free to peruse my own Fellowship at Brickshelf.

We will have them my precious, all of them! Legoses maybe sneaky and false sometimes but they also likes moneys! We loves them and curses them both! Loves and curses! Gollum, gollum!

PS: Oh wait this probably means there will be a LotR LEGO game too! Hell yes!


Hassan said...

Jeremy, I think you are universally adored :)

Jeremy Badi Pane said...

Thanks Hassan! I think I am certainly working towards that end. We'll see if I ever reach that high expectation.