Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tons Announced at SDCC: But first CMF Series 8!

Well, Series 8 pictures have finally arrived! It appears as though this grouping will appear in black packaging, fitting for appearing in the fall eh? Though, in my own opinion, the set isn't as strong as a few of the last ones it is still a very cool line-up.

As usual there are a bunch that are instant favorites! The Pirate Captain can war with some of the past pirate captains for control of the High Seas. That Shakespeare (along with the Elizabethan ruff) will be great for filling out bits of history. The black-bowler-hatted businessman is straight from the Ministry of Silly-Walks. The Batboy can hang around! The Santa update is great! Lederhosen is hilarious!

Enjoy, these will be out this fall I believe.

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