Monday, May 11, 2015

Back to Back! Better than Ever!

What the hell happened? What year is it? I feel like time has been press ganged by some sort of run-away naval commander and I just get to sit and remember all the time I used to have before it got all muscly and covered in rude tattoos. "Too many years at sea," says time shaking its head. (Sorry folks that simile got away from me!) But luckily there is an answer! I think.

You heard it here first, all the dozens of people who find themselves on this page because they miss-clicked something! We are going to create a new and improved Jeremy Stuff webpage!


How are we going to do that you may ask? Well, for one, I'm going to do more writing. Wait a sec, you may ask, haven't you been writing this blog all along? This thing better not be ghost written, you are probably saying, I'm scared of ghosts!

Fear not, those of you that are afraid of ghosts! I promise to keep the ghosts at a minimum (except for the one in the picture above and the ones that I can't help but let visit and tell spooky stories from time to time). But other than that no ghosts! Also I do my own writing, so all of the great ideas you have read here are my own. (Incidentally all of the spelling errors and mistakes were done by someone else who we had to fire. He no longer works here.)

Anyway, on top of sharing neat things I find on the internet, I am going to try to make this blog work for me, and you the reader, and anyone else that clicks here accidentally. And I'll also post at least once a week too.

But Jeremy, you are probably yelling at the screen, how on earth can you manage to do all of the things you listed somewhat incoherently? Well, my friends, I have a secret weapon. Ladies and gentlemen with a great deal of applause and fanfare, I'd like to introduce my favorite reason to go to work, the fairy god mother that can make all of your reasonable dreams come mostly true, the one (of two I have pieces for), the incomparable, the speaks with a really gravelly voice, GRENDA the fairy god-witch of mediocrity!


How will she be able to do this? Who knows? But tune in next week to find out. Otherwise I'll just be sitting here, speaking to myself. Ciao!

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