Friday, October 16, 2009

Bow Down to this Geek

I wish this parody would play every time I walk into a room. I borrowed this from BBSpot (a fantastic geek blog that is a must see.) It's a parody of the Beatles song Come Together written by Francisco Rangel. Sing it out loud! You know you want to!


Here come the Geek Lord.
He at every convention.
He got Star Trek phaser.
He one d10 roller.
He got mint Flash action fig.
Memorized the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

He wear his chain mail.
He got level 80.
He got Cylon outfit.
He shoot magic missile.
He say "I'll hack you. Wait and see."
Built a working life-sized Lego AT-AT.
Come together. Bow down to this geek.

He solve the Rubik's.
He got Sagan's sweater.
He got Crow T Robot.
He one dope nethacker.
He code AI in Standard C.
Kick your ass at chess while cracking RSA keys.
Come together. Bow down to this geek.

He coffee roaster.
He got HAL computer.
He call Great Cthulhu.
He one torrent seeder.
He say "I'll have soylent earl grey tea."
DMs quests more complex than the Knights Who Say "Ni."
Come together. Bow down to this geek.

The original song post is linked here with a video of the original Beatles song. Thanks Brian and Francisco for making me smile! Check them out!

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