Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweep the Leg Johnny!

I love this video! It does take a knowledge of big eighties movies. I know I'm aging myself but I loved this movie as a kid. This next year a remake of this movie is being made starring Jackie Chan and Wil Smith's son Jaden Smith. I suggest that the old one is worth a watch before yet another part of my childhood is remade. I like Jackie a lot but I don't have high hopes. Anyway enjoy the video. It's a lot of fun!

The "Sweep the Leg" music video is for the first single by a new band No More Kings. The video features the cast of the original "Karate Kid" including Johnny (the bad guy), Daniel-son (the good guy), Sensei Kreese (the evil sensei), the original Cobra Kai (the cronies), and another special guest (can you guess who the pizza guy is?). Watch the video, enjoy it, and help spread the word! And consider helping them out legitimately at I-Tunes.

"Sweep The Leg" music video available at iTunes now!

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