Friday, January 29, 2010

Triple Lego play today!

Greetings Lego fans! Sorry about the heavy Lego posts these days but that is a lot of what I'm paying attention to right now. And Lego is awesome. If you dislike it I kind of wonder if you happen to know where you've stumbled. You could be in for a very rude awakening.

My brother just sent me a picture of a Lego Terran Battle Cruiser (based on the Terrans from Starcraft) that is extraordinary! To be fair it was already my laptop Wallpaper but that doesn't keep it from being awesome. The funny part is that the detail work is far better than the 1997 game could have ever shown. Count yourself lucky that we all must think the Terrans are pretty good builders. Now if only they could get rid of their hick accents.

Also new is the announcement that Lego minifigs are going to be available in June at Lego stores near you! Yes, yes we are all aware that there are minifigs in the set that are lamer than the other ones but even with that consideration, for TLG it'll be like printing money. (I'll even accept clowns, divers, and Tan fedora guys if you get too many. We're always accepting Lego gifts!)

Finally the new videogame Lego Universe is coming along quite nicely. The promo seen here sets up many previously available Lego genres against a new dark force bent on disassembling the Lego universe! There will be places for builds and ways to upload your creations to the game. All based on the idea of collective cooperation. That's awesome! If only the nations of the world could get along as well as pirates, knights, race car drivers, and ninjas do in this game!

One day we may . . . one day.

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