Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Minifigure Series 7 (and better pictures of 6)!

Well, friends, we now have better pictures of the next two minifigure series that are coming out.  Series Six (below) still looks incredible. The Genie is probably my favorite figure though it is really hard to pick a favorite with so many excellent figures available.

Series Seven (below) is the new announcement on the interwebs, and it too is pretty extraordinary. As you can see there are many excellent figures in this batch too. The tennis player, with blonde hair, is a nice reuse of the bed hair from the previous series.  The Viking Lady will be a great addition to the vikings I already have.  I can't wait to add her to my viking sets.  And Poseidon (Neptune) will be a useful addition to many pirate ships, and erm, viking ships, and pretty much anything having to do with water and boat, ships. Also I like being able to have a Greek/Roman god minifigure.  
The Aztec Warrior is beautiful! The Bagpiper brilliant. And even Tarzan is Fun. Well done LEGO!  Well done.  Series Five is available now: HERE.

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