Monday, November 21, 2011

LEGO Superheroes on the Way!

Well the year 2011 is passing away quickly. Already it is time to get your turkey, and stuffing, and cranberry sauce ready.  But I am fine with that!  Because it means that pictures of the new Superheroes line from LEGO (due in 2012) are starting to appear.

The Superman set (6862) is the one I am most excited about!

January will see the release of DC Universe's Superhero line. I'm very excited! More pictures after the break.

Here are the rest of the pictures.  They are all Batman sets. And although Batman is totally rad, I guess my main criticism is that most of the Batman sets are basically rehashes of the earlier Batman line. The Catwoman set (6858) in my opinion is great and a vast improvement from the unsurvivable Bat-dragster from the first round of Batman LEGO.
The Twoface set (6864) is sporting new colors. I appreciate the addition of a police officer too. It is nice to get one of Gotham City's finest. I think this is the first Gotham City police person produced. This I like! Here's hoping we get a Commissioner Gordon eventually!
The Joker helicopter set (6863) is getting really re-done at this point, though it is still a cool set. The difference I can see is the lack of a spring-loaded air-pedo and instead lame flick-fire thingies. (Good for kids eyes; bad for bad-ass fire power.) Joker's outfit and hair is new as is the goon's shirt color.
The Batcave (6860) has some great improvements and some failures as well. New Robin is great. New Poison Ivy is greater. The improvements to the tech-look of Batman's cave are striking. But what we lost in this set from the previous one is the cave-feel, the sense of size, and worst of all Alfred! Here's hoping we get a clock and stairwell to add to the Batcave with Alfred.
So, all in all the new sets are pretty neat. I look forward to future incarnations of DC LEGO soon. I particularly look forward to Green Lantern and some of the other DC heavyweights. All told, I'm not really sure which sets I will be aching to buy (besides of course, the Superman set), but even with my criticisms I'll probably get a few of them. Anyway if you need me, you know where to point the Pane-signal. Jeremy out!

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