Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Ever since the internets have been around there has been an ongoing argument about which would win in a fight, Star Trek or Star Wars. Some have noted that weapons of the Star Wars universe are multifaceted and more powerful than the combined strength of the Romulin, Federation, and Cardassian warships.  The power of the Death Star certainly seems superior to anything we've seen (apart, perhaps, from Nero's mining ship).  Others have argued that though the weapons of the Rebellion and the Empire might outclass the Federation, a gang of Klingons or even allied Borg could take over the Death Star in a matter of hours. After all Luke, Han, Ben and Chewbacca did with a little less than two droids and dumb luck.  Plus the added women present in the Federation might well draw the attention of a gaggle of Stormtroopers who have only ever shot at Princess Leia from across a metallic trench.

This video isn't going to answer that question. But it does raise a more reasonable hypothetical question. What if the crew of the Enterprise found an old copy of the movie Star Wars and watched it?

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